Further Work

resources and references

Following our four discussion and presentation meetings, Digital Potentials Advisory members continued to converse, research, think, and sketch. Michelle Jacques, Marina Di Maio, and Emily Luce spoke one-on-one with DPA members, working to focus next steps. Marina Di Maio edited the transcripts of the group's original meetings; Mark Sanders built this website; Noya Kohavi and Emily Luce highlighted and linked the 'open doors' in the transcripts to spotlight key points. Concluding thoughts were developed and recorded by
DPA members, these are linked below.


Looted, by American Artist

A New Kind of Archive, by Rhizome

Importing Hegemony: Library Information Systems and U.S. Hegemony in Canada and Latin America, by Ed McKennon

Resources from the session Collections for Whomst? Deconstructing Museum Practices, Constructing Digital Frontiers, and Envisioning Community Futures, presented at the MCN 2020 virtual conference by Jaimee-Ian Rodriguez, Karen Adjei, Daisy A. Jaime, Elka Lee-Shapiro and Jade Lavendofsky

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Our original shared references document 2019-2020, informing the questions behind the project and the establishment of the Digital Potentials Advisory.

Follow-up On Oracle Bones Michelle checks in with Curator of Asian Art Heng Wu on the Oracle Bones in the AGGV's collection, her unexpected response reveals the intricacy of multiple narratives and points of view around single objects in a museum collection. 

Archives and Accessibility Podcast (MP3) : Deb Saucier in conversation with Vancouver Island University Head Librarian Ben Hyman about accessibility, archives, and new methods of finding information in this concluding project for the Digital Potentials Advisory.

A Virtual Tour Through Space and Time Gabrielle Esperdy shares Some Commencing Thoughts on Museums and Collections in this lecture weaving architectural history, art practice and history, and social influence with the potentials of the digital space for museums and collections.

Oral History and Digital Potentials Rod Sayers discusses problems and possibilities when oral traditions are invited to digital expanses.